Geoffrey Kemling, – The Lufkin Daily News

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Geoffrey Kemling – The Lufkin Daily News

From Jackie Zimmerman

From the mailroom to the pressroom, operations at the Lufkin Daily News would suffer without the teamwork of pressman Geoffrey Kemling.

Geoffrey started in The Lufkin Daily News mailroom in June 2015 as a driver/catcher. He moved up to inserter, and in 2019 he made the move to the pressroom on the day side.

Now working the night side with press manager Cecil Poe, Geoffrey is learning the specifics of being a pressman.

"Geoffrey is the epitome of a team player," Publisher Jackie Zimmerman said. "While he is learning how to run the press, he will jump over and work in the mailroom anytime he is needed."

In February, while Lufkin’s mailroom supervisor was out for two weeks on a family emergency, Geoffrey worked in the pressroom and would go into the mailroom throughout each night to help run the inserter, help fix ailing bundlers (which at that time went down quite often), and helped supervise employees to be sure the night went well and to clean and prep the mailroom for the next day.

Geoffrey could be found with his hands in the inserter or opening the side of the bundler. And while he could have gone home once the press was finished for the night, he did not. He stayed and made sure everyone in the mailroom finished and could go home maybe a little earlier with his help.

He also assisted in hand inserting commercial print jobs in order to get them out on time.

"In June, when our mailroom supervisor was out for two weeks for surgery, Geoffrey again stepped in and stayed late and helped insert and bundle in order to help the mailroom get the jobs completed on time," Zimmerman said.

Geoffrey’s mechanical abilities and experience with the machines make him invaluable in Lufkin’s press and mailroom, Poe said.

Geoffrey is always willing to step up and catch and also drive to deliver commercial print jobs. He knows the routes and customers.

"Geoffrey is a tremendous asset to our operations," Zimmerman said. "He is a dedicated team player. We appreciate the skills and expertise he brings to our operation, and we are thrilled at how quickly he is learning to run the press and produce a quality newspaper."