Our Company Believes In Its FutureOur papers serve small towns and cities in the southeast and southwest. Serving those communities goes beyond just reporting the news. It means becoming a leader in each community.
Our Company Believes In Its PeopleIn spite of what some people feel about newspapers having a limited future, we believe there always be demand for the information and service we provide--if we do our jobs well.
Carmage Walls:"I believe our democracy and the way of life in the country could not be continued without our free press
Carmage Walls:"I believe that the Editorial opinion is not as important and influential as it once was; but, nevertheless, it is still important. It is all important still to keep the public honestly informed."
Carmage Walls:"I am convinced that too many newspapers are edited to please the publisher-owner-editor without enough regard to the reader."
Carmage Walls:"I have two yardsticks by which to measure the efficiency of the editorial product:
number of stories in the allocated news space;
the qualitative factor in the construction of the story."
Carmage Walls:"As to a newspaper's position in the controversial South relative to the integration problems, I am in favor of a middle road. I agree with the methods followed generally in North Carolina. We are a part of the United States, and we must so consider."
Carmage Walls:"I believe it the duty of a news editor to cut the superfluous "hay" out of stories but give a greater number of stories in less space. By so doing you serve the majority of the reading public and keep them better informed."

THANK YOU for taking the time to learn more about Southern Newspapers, Inc. Your interest in our company is very gratifying. This web site presents a quick look at SNI. It tells a bit about the people who run Southern and something about each of its newspaper properties. Before you read the details, however, it may be useful to give you an overview of the company's basic approach and philosophy.

Our Philosophy
  • lissa_vahldiek

    Lissa Vahldiek, CEO

    Lissa Walls Vahldiek, CEO, has been in the newspaper business since 1980. She began her career as a reporter for the Rosenberg (Texas) Herald Coaster owned by Hartman Newspapers, Inc. and became COO of SNI in 1985. She was elected CEO in March 2014. She serves on the boards of the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation, Mutual Insurance Company, PAGE and Trinity University. She was born in Guntersville, Alabama and moved to the Houston, Texas area with her family in 1973. She is a 1980 graduate of Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. Vahldiek lives in Houston, TX with her husband, Paul R. Vahldiek, Jr.

  • dolph

    Dolph Tillotson, President

    Dolph Tillotson, president, has been in the newspaper business since 1969. He began his career in news, and he has served as general manager, publisher and president for two community newspaper companies – Southern and Boone Newspapers, Inc.

    He is a native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and a 1972 graduate of the University of Alabama.

    Tillotson lives in Galveston, Texas, with his wife, Teri. He came to work for Southern in 1987 as publisher of The Galveston County Daily News. He was named president of SNI in March 2014.

  • Ruby Barrow, Director of Accounting/Treasurer and Secretary

    Ruby Barrow, Director of Accounting/Treasurer and Secretary, has been in the newspaper business since 1992.

    Barrow began her career as a data entry clerk for Southern Newspapers, Inc. and has served as Data Entry Supervisor, Payroll Manager, General Ledger Supervisor and Accounting Manager.

    She was elected Secretary in March 2014. She serves on the boards of the Southern Newspapers Inc. Medical and 401(k) Plans. She was born in El Campo, TX, and moved to the Houston area with her family in 1969.

    Barrow lives in Houston with her husband, Bart Barrow, and their 3 children.



    SNI Employee of the Month

    Tricia Clinton, long-time business manager for the Fort Payne (Ala.) Times-Journal, is this month’s Southern Newspapers, Inc., employee of the month.


    Quote of the month

    Michael Bloomberg

    Repressing free expression is a natural human weakness, and it is up to us to fight it at every turn. Intolerance of ideas – whether liberal or conservative – is antithetical to individual rights and free societies, and it is no less antithetical to great universities and first rate scholarship.”

    – Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg at Harvard University, May 29 (Quote in The Wall Street Journal).


    SNI Photo of the Month

    Finishing Strong...

    This strong photo ran in The Lufkin News back in April. It depicts Cody Powell, 18, of the Lufkin ISD Panthers running the final leg of the 4x100 relay during the Special Olympics of Texas Region 7 Spring Games on April 26 at Abe Martin Stadium in Lufkin. (Photo by ANDY ADAMS/The Lufkin News)



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