Welcome Southern Newspapers!

THANK YOU for taking the time to learn more about Southern Newspapers, Inc. Your interest in our company is very gratifying.

This web site presents a quick look at SNI. It tells a bit about the people who run Southern and something about each of its newspaper properties.

Before you read the details, however, it may be useful to give you an overview of the company's basic approach and philosophy.

Our Mission is to Community Journalism.

Our papers serve small towns and cities in the southeast and southwest. Serving those communities goes beyond just reporting the news. It means becoming a leader in each community, providing a newspaper that becomes an important part of the fabric of life in each. As company founder Carmage Walls said, we believe in putting more back into the communities we serve than the company takes out.

We believe each community is unique, so we give local managers great autonomy in setting their own policies and running their own operations.

For men and women who seek a rewarding career in a company that believes in real community service, Southern is the ideal corporate home.

Our Company Believes in its future.

Sometimes, our newspapers are the only local news medium serving their community. Where that is not true, we strive at least to be the best. In spite of what some feel about newspapers having a limited future, we believe there always will be demand for the information and service we provide -- if we do our jobs well.

For those who remain optimistic about our industry's future, Southern is the ideal corporate home.

Our company believes in its people.

We seek the best people available for every job in our company. We still are small enough and close enough to each operation so that management of the company knows most of the people who work for us personally.

We honor the people who work with us by challenging them, by expecting a great deal of them and by rewarding their efforts well. For those who seek a challenge and who seek rewards equal to the challenge, Southern is the ideal corporate home.

There is more in this web site about the company's history and about the communities it serves. We hope you'll take the time to get to know us better. If you want to know more, we will be glad to talk to you.

Thanks again for your interest in Southern Newspapers, Inc.

Lissa Walls Vahldiek

Chief Operating Officer